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Impervious Coverage and FAR – Austin

The rapidly growing city ranks ninth among the most densely populated metro areas in America. With its green spaces, live music concerts, and SXSW music festivals, it is no surprise many people are interested in taking up properties in Austin. However, calculating building impervious coverage limits for a project in a suburban area in Austin can make anyone’s head spin. … Read more

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What You Need to Know About Hard Money Construction Loans

Financing for real estate projects can be overwhelming. And when it comes to financing for construction loans, it can appear even more difficult. For many lenders, a construction loan is a highly risky venture that causes loan officers and management to closely look at each detail of the project before they ever make a determination on whether they will fund … Read more

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What You Need to Know About Construction Loans

[Updated September 2020] Do you have a property that you want to add on to? Or maybe you have land that you want to develop. In either case, a construction loan is the best way to finance this type of project. The lending process for a construction loan is different from a traditional mortgage, however. Understanding the construction loan process … Read more

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