New Construction Loans

Loan Ranger Capital provides new construction loans for residential or commercial properties. Hard money loans are great for investors or builders who are purchasing a lot or tearing down an existing home for new construction. No need to pre-qualify.

No Application Fees, No Junk Fees, Just Common Sense


Benefits of Hard Money Construction Loans

New construction investors and builders maximize their profit margins with hard money loans, because fast, reliable financing is what drives success in Texas’ competitive real estate market.
  • Speed — Hard money loans can usually be funded in about a week, compared to 30+ days from traditional lenders.
  • Flexibility — Hard money construction loans can provide flexible repayment and collateral release terms, where traditional lenders use one-size-fits-all loan structures.
  • Availability — Hard money lenders are private investors, so they have the freedom to consider more than a rote checklist when determining if you qualify for a loan.
Traditional real estate loans were designed for owners making a long-term investment. If you are an investor or builder, however, hard money new construction loans were designed for you.

Zack and his team are EXTREMELY professional! Best hard money lender in Texas, in my opinion! Very accommodating, thinks out of the box to help with unique situations, and is always available to chat when you’re in need of help. I will definitely be using them on all of my future deals.

Why Use Loan Ranger for Your Construction Loan

We are proud to be considered one of the premier hard money lenders in Texas.

  • You’re pre-approved. At Loan Ranger Capital, there’s no minimum required credit score and no qualifying necessary.
  • We have cash on-hand. We’re a direct lender, so we can get you cash on hand in as little as 3 days.
  • You partner with an expert. Our local focus means we have valuable, first-hand knowledge of your Texas and Tennessee real estate markets.

You get great customer service. All of our lending is in-house. That means you’ll only talk to one person during the entire life of your loan.

Zack and team consistently have been a pleasure to work with. I've never had to worry about delayed closings, untimely draws, red tape, or failed expectations. Go with Loan Ranger Capital for excellent customer service and utmost professionalism.


hard money for construction project


East Side

12 months
68% LTV

construction project hard money loans


Bishop Arts District

9 months
72% LTV

construction project hard money loan



9 months
70% LTV

What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is one offered by a private lender or company, rather than a bank or government lending program. Hard money loans are often ideal for real estate investors and builders, because they close very quickly and lenders can be more flexible about approvals and loan terms.

Does it matter if my construction lender is local?

If you’re investing or building in Texas or Tennessee, you don’t need your lender to be in the same state, but many of our partners consider it a big additional value. National lenders don’t know the local markets and aren’t as available for you. Loan Ranger Capital is an involved, knowledgeable business partner.

How do I get a hard money construction loan?

Prepare your documentation ahead of time: draft a project scope and a timeline of proposed construction. You’ll also need to make sure to have a down payment ready; most hard money lenders require at least a 10% down payment on the loan. Then, find a hard money lender like us who will work with you, to make your investment a success.

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