Valuing Real Estate Deals

So you want to start investing in real estate or even flipping homes and found a property that you’re interested in purchasing. Before you get too excited, you need to establish its value to avoid potentially making a bad investment. Taking the seller’s word or just looking at the county tax records to determine the value could lead to you … Read more

How to Find Profitable Deals

Can you still find good deals on MLS anymore? The answer is of course yes, but you have to know how to find them! A recent article (click here) does a great job at quickly explaining this. Three key components are: speed, making the right offer, and volume. Speed is a huge factor in closing deals and by being the … Read more

Why Use Leverage in Real Estate?

In real estate, leverage is an extremely common tool used among seasoned investors. While it is true that there is a population of investors who use cash, either because they don’t think it will help or they’re afraid of debt, leverage is one of the best tools you can utilize. Everyone knows there are costs associated with debt, but few … Read more

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