Meet the Loan Ranger Capital Team!

Howdy from the Loan Ranger Capital team! It’s been a busy (and hot!) summer here at Loan Ranger Capital. We’ve moved offices, we’ve taken on a new team member, and we’re funding more projects every day! We’re now located on East 6th Street — a little closer to the action. Not to mention we’re closer to a few great coffee shops … Read more

benefits of a quick loan process

Benefits of a Quick Loan Process

Wondering if a quick loan process will beneficial for your real estate venture? You’ve probably heard the refrain “time is money” a dozen times. Never has that saying been more applicable than it is in the real estate business. Here are the top 3 benefits to a quick loan process: Benefit 1: Property Discount In real estate, the quicker you … Read more

wire fraud

Protect Yourself Against Wire Fraud

Technology has given us many great things. But technology, like any other progressive advances, is not without its flaws. There will always be someone who tries to find weak spots and take advantage of others. One of the best technological advances when it comes to money is the ability to seamlessly and immediately send it between parties. Whether it’s paying … Read more

mechanic's lien

Mechanic’s Lien Explained!

Wondering what a mechanic’s lien is and what it means to you as a new home builder or house flipper? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explain what a mechanic’s lien is and how it has the potential to affect your new project. First off, let’s explain what a lien is. Simply put, it’s a claim to a … Read more

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