Technology Marches On

We live in an era of ever increasing technological advances. Almost daily there seems to be a new report about the next big device that will come in and shake up how we live our daily lives. While we do see sizable leaps that change how we live (Apple’s iPhone for instance), most of the technology we experience every day is advancing at a steady, albeit slower, pace.

A nice example of this change of pace would be the cars on the road today. Twenty or thirty years ago, cars were pretty bare-bones, with maybe a small change in the radio or media players of the day. Fast forward to the present day: we’re having phone conversations from our car, searching for a place to eat, and some new models even keep track of your tire pressure! Those tasks used to be “analog,” something we had to handle outside of the larger piece of equipment, and are now handled without us giving them a second thought. These upgrades allow us to accomplish more in a given amount of time, and in theory, make us more efficient (if used properly of course).

In the same way technology allows us to live more comfortably and efficiently in our daily lives, technology also gives us some advantages and efficiencies in our work here at Loan Ranger Capital. We utilize systems that allow us to handle more tasks efficiently as we grow, and still work to be able to give that personal experience our borrowers have grown to appreciate. Technology is allowing our business to grow and thrive, and frees up time for our staff to devote attention where it is needed.

Loan Ranger Capital continues to see technology as a great solution to streamline the way we form and service our hard money loans. Because we keep the entire process in-house, we can ensure a personal experience for each borrower, while maintaining and managing a growing business.

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