The Value of a Good Hard Money Lender

How do you value your hard money lender? Hard money lenders range from large corporate firms down to small one-man shops, and everything in between. How then, do you know when you’ve found a truly great hard money partner? The main difference is having someone on your team that is looking for you to succeed.

     Let’s be frank, anyone can lend money for a real estate investment. There will always be differences in interest rates and points. Many times, that is the only thing folks are looking for in a lender. But what happens if something unexpected comes up? Can you pick up the phone and trust you have someone looking out for your best interests on the other end? At Loan Ranger Capital, we believe a successful borrower is better for everyone, because a successful borrower most likely wants to do more business in the future!

     We look over every draw request we receive, and we’re constantly communicating with our borrowers to ensure they’re getting the most “bang for the buck.” We would much rather have an open discussion where everyone is on the same page for their project. Many times, this open form of communication has saved our borrowers time and headaches later! And we all know that time is money in real estate.

     At Loan Ranger Capital, we pride ourselves on our speed, and getting to know our clients inside and out. Understanding our clients’ strategies and overall plans allow us to be flexible to ensure that everyone is on track. Keeping everyone on time and under budget is a big part of the value we like to impart.

     How do you value your hard money lender? Do they work to ensure you complete your project on time? If you’re delayed a few extra months, keep in mind that’s a few extra interest payments you’re making! If you’re curious to see what we can do on your next project, give our office a call and we’ll take a look!

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