Austin-San Antonio Listing Services

We’ve just learned that talks are underway for the listing services in both Austin and San Antonio to merge into one large system. This would be welcome news for anyone involved in real estate in these areas, as it cuts down on the number of websites needed to conduct research. Listing services are an essential tool real estate agents and brokers use to find more information on a property they are interested in. The big drawback to these listing services is they are separated by metro area, for the most part. In an area like Austin and San Antonio, this is a significant drawback as it adds time, expense, and inconvenience to the research needed, especially if a property is on the edge of either services’ coverage area.

Combining the two listing services would be an excellent way to streamline the process for the fast-growing construction that is rapidly connecting the two cities. As Austin and San Antonio grow towards each other, it makes sense to combine these additional services as well, and thus improve the quality of life for the real estate communities in both cities.

While nothing is confirmed at the time of this writing, combining these listing services is an exciting prospect to consider, and we hope to see more development on it in the future!

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