Central Texas Development

It’s no secret Central Texas is attracting large numbers of new residents, both people and companies. But what does the movement of people and capital here mean for us in Central Texas? In short, good news!

The first step in Central Texas’ (specifically Austin) plan to grow its population was to create a business-friendly environment. This was accomplished with tax incentives that made a move to Austin economically attractive in a corporate setting. With companies relocating, many employees ended up moving along with them. This created a natural population boom that sparked the beginnings of a tide of people moving to Austin.

Once large corporate firms set up offices in a region (Central Texas in this case), an expanded retail sector typically follows it. This includes everything from malls, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. that will service this first wave of new residents.

Along with retail activity growth, residential housing growth must follow to accommodate the needs of a growing population. We can see this activity at play in Central Texas today, with a large construction boom trying to address the low supply of houses we currently see. Loan Ranger Capital plays an important role in this sector of the market, as our hard money loans increase the speed in which builders complete their projects. With more projects being completed in each year, our borrowers can increase their own revenues while supplying more houses for families looking to call the Austin area home.

This simplified outline is a nice way to look at the development of Austin, and how we can expect to see growth continue as the communities that surround us undergo their own growth. As this cycles continues, the investment opportunities around Austin will continue to grow as well!

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