Dallas Real Estate Market: 2021 is the Year to Invest in Dallas

Hot off the presses, the latest reports name Dallas, Texas, as the best commercial property investment market in the country.

Dallas hosted the most active commercial real estate market for the first half of 2021 (H1’21), recording almost $13.4 billion in commercial real estate transactions—a 43% YoY increase.

The Dallas Commercial Real Estate Market

The sale of the ​​Crescent Complex was a big boost, of course, but individual apartments and warehouses have been selling at record pace as well. 

Why? The economy in Dallas has been holding strong, even through the ups and downs (but mostly downs) of 2020. Businesses and entrepreneurs have been flocking to Texas, and especially Dallas, keeping employment rates steady as well.

If you’re in commercial construction, there’s no better place to build in 2021 than Dallas.

The Dallas Rental Real Estate Market

A strong economy does more than boost commercial real estate values, though. With business growth comes residential growth, and rentals are often the first. Multi-family properties are being built and sold in higher numbers to accommodate the rapidly growing population of Dallas.

Because if a steady economy and job opportunities weren’t enough, Dallas residents also enjoy low taxes and a lower general cost of living. As people look for ways to start over after 2020, Texas—and especially Dallas—is hard to beat.

If you’re a real estate investor, that means that now is the time to look into multi-family properties in Dallas. And if you’ve been thinking about getting started in real estate investing, a small rental property in Dallas might be the very best way to get your feet wet.

The Dallas Housing Market

Could Dallas be the perfect real estate market going into the second half of 2021? In addition to commercial and rental real estate successes, the housing market is also doing well.

A recent Opendoor survey found that 78% of Dallas residents think that now is a great time to sell a home. A seller’s market isn’t always great news for investors, but it can be great news for flippers who know how to find a deal. If you can snag a distressed or foreclosed property for a good price, now is the time to get the best ROI on a Dallas flip.

Welcome to Dallas!

Whether you’re in construction, investments, wholesaling, or flipping, you need to be in Dallas before the end of Q3!

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