Key Pre-Investment Checks for Fix and Flips

Investing in property can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience for real estate investors. The key to success lies in making informed decisions, and thorough research is the foundation of every acquisition. This blog from Loan Ranger Capital will cover essential pre-investment checks, offering a roadmap for those looking to achieve profitable fix-and-flip real estate deals. Market Analysis Before considering … Read more

Why Choose a Balance Sheet Lender Over a National Lender for Hard Money

In the dynamic world of real estate investing, securing the right financing can be the difference between seizing opportunities and missing out on lucrative deals. When it comes to choosing between a balance sheet lender and a national lender, savvy investors understand that local expertise and personalized service often trump the allure of big-name institutions. Let’s explore why opting for … Read more

Texas Real Estate: Conquering Low Housing Inventory with Strategic Financing

In the ever-evolving landscape of Texas real estate, the challenge of low housing inventory has emerged as a significant concern. As the state experiences a surge in demand for properties, particularly in the context of hard money lending, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics at play. Real estate financing in Texas requires a strategic approach that factors in the unique … Read more

A small wooden house decoration next to three piles of coins and a clock

What is Transactional Funding?

Transactional funding is a short-term, hard money loan that allows a real estate wholesaler or investor to borrow capital to purchase a property. It’s an ideal financing solution for wholesalers who are looking for a capital resource to facilitate a double closing.

Transactional funding is also known as flash funding, same-day funding, ABC funding, a transactional loan, or a one-day bridge loan. Although less common than other forms of real estate financing, it may be the right fit for you depending on your real estate investment strategy. Continue reading to learn more.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Bridge Loan Financing?

Are you exploring short-term financing options for your latest real estate investment? In a perfect world, your primary residence would sell as soon as you’re ready to purchase a new home – but, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. That’s where a bridge loan comes in. A bridge loan is a short-term loan intended to provide financing until a borrower … Read more

Construction crew doing work on a three-story home

What is a Hard Money Construction Loan?

A hard money construction loan is a short-term loan that finances a real estate construction project. Typically, the purpose behind the loan is to fund the construction of a real estate project. Hard money loans are ideal for investors or builders purchasing a property lot or tearing down an existing property for new construction. They can also serve as an … Read more

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What is a Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is a short-term loan intended to provide financing until a borrower secures permanent, long-term financing for their real estate investment. Bridge loans are used during the gap between purchasing a property and selling a previous one, providing the borrower with added flexibility. Bridge loans can also be referred to as bridge financing, gap financing, interim financing, or swing financing. 

Continue reading for a breakdown of how bridge loans work including uses for bridge loans, interest rates, and more.

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What Licenses Are Required for a Fix and Flip?

Before making an investment on your desired fix and flip property, it’s important to check your state’s license regulations and explore all of the license options available to you, both required and optional. Generally, most license decisions come down to your intentions behind house flipping – hobby or career?

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A woman assessing a house remodel project

What Permits Do You Need to Flip a House?

Flipping houses starts with a promising investment opportunity and can quickly develop into a profitable business or a financially beneficial hobby. However, to be successful, aspiring house flippers should obtain the necessary building and renovation permits before starting their fix and flip project.

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What Is The 70% Rule In House Flipping And Why Does It Matter?

When flipping a house, there is a laundry list of general rules that need to be taken into consideration. One rule that should be at the top of your financial checklist is the 70% rule. This post will outline what the 70% rule of house flipping is, and why it may be one of the most important guidelines for making … Read more

Accessory Dwelling Unit Investment

Is An Accessory Dwelling Unit A Good Investment?

Are you a developer wanting to maximize your profit margin on one of your properties? Or, are you a homeowner with some extra yard space that you would like to put to good use? Many investors are finding creative ways to enter the real estate market any way they can. With the housing supply at an all time low and … Read more

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How Soaring Lumber Prices Will Increase the Cost of Your Investment Property

Even if you aren’t a real estate investor, you are probably aware that the price of lumber has gone up exponentially since the beginning of the pandemic. And if you know this, you might be able to guess how much this price increase has affected the overall cost of not just new construction builds, but renovations and fix & flips … Read more

hard money fix and flip vs conventional loans

Fix and Flip Funding: Hard Money Loans VS Conventional Loans

Last year we answered the question: Should you use personal funds or outside funds for your fix and flip project? If you’ve opted for outside funding, there’s one major question left: How do hard money fix and flip loans compare to conventional loans? This article will outline a few of the differences between the two choices, and show you why … Read more

The State of the Texas Housing Market in 2021

The State Of the Texas Housing Market In 2021

Texas Realtors Releases 2021-Q3 Edition Of The Texas Quarterly Housing Report. The just-released Texas Quarterly Housing Report shows that while the market is trending towards stabilization and pre-pandemic levels, home prices are still rising and inventories are drying up. Texas Home Sales Decrease, Median Price Rises Since the third quarter of 2020, the median price for homes in all of … Read more


Dallas Real Estate Market: 2021 is the Year to Invest in Dallas

Hot off the presses, the latest reports name Dallas, Texas, as the best commercial property investment market in the country. Dallas hosted the most active commercial real estate market for the first half of 2021 (H1’21), recording almost $13.4 billion in commercial real estate transactions—a 43% YoY increase. The Dallas Commercial Real Estate Market The sale of the ​​Crescent Complex … Read more

A house being remodeled

House Flipping 101: 5 Essential Rules for Beginners

It may come as a surprise to some, but flipping houses is a complicated process. While it is possible to make money – or even a living – by flipping houses, it’s a process that requires a lot of time, money, and work. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve created a guide outlining the five essential … Read more

house prices

Real Estate Prices and COVID-19

Right now many are wondering how to invest their money, especially given the effect that the pandemic has had on the stock market. While you may think that this would be similar to the stock market, real estate prices have been affected very differently. This is exactly why people invest in real estate, the fundamentals are very different. The Wall … Read more

Post covid economy

Texas Real Estate – COVID Update

Big Changes What a difference 30 days can make! In the last month we’ve seen many positive developments in both real estate and the local Texas economy. While Loan Ranger Capital continuously monitors the economy, the recent economic data is far more optimistic than most expected. This is especially true of real estate. The global effects of COVID-19 are far … Read more

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What You Need to Know to Start Flipping Houses: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you considering investing in a fix and flip property or starting a house flipping business? It’s important to learn as much as you can about this type of real estate investment before getting started. Flipping houses is a fast-paced investment strategy typically completed within 12 months, barring any issues that can slow down the process. Investing in the right property for your first flip will ensure you walk away with revenue to fund your next fix and flip project. Continue reading to learn what you need to know to start flipping houses.

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Hard Money Lending: What Will Your Lender Require?

Hard money loans are a great solution when you’re looking for a quick financing to close on a real estate investment. Easier and faster to obtain than conventional financing  – which can take up to 3-4 months – hard money lenders can close a real estate transaction in as few as 10 days. To make the process as simple and quick as possible, it’s important to have all of the necessary documentation required by your lender. Continue reading for a breakdown of what most hard money lenders will require before approving a loan request.

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What's New Austin Texas

What’s new Austin Texas?

Oh, Austin — it seems like there’s always something new happening in the Capital city, and that’s probably because there is! Not only is Austin home to some kind of festival or event just about every week (ACL and Formula 1 just ended, the Austin Film Festival and Texas Book Festival are right around the corner, and before we know … Read more

New Home Sales and Flips in Texas

Across the state of Texas, demand for homes is remaining strong. Supply continues to be strained as homes are snapped up shortly after going on market. While this naturally points to a sustained increase in new home prices (which is a trend we’ve seen in the past decade), we are also seeing this start to affect “fix and flip” properties. … Read more

Cycles in Real Estate

The cycle between boom and bust in the real estate market is something most people have heard about at least once when discussing this topic. It’s no secret that real estate can be a volatile place to work, with the Great Recession’s shadow still looming even after this relatively steady recovery. In the same way that the overall real estate … Read more

5 Common Fix & Flip Mistakes

Fixing and flipping properties can be a wildly successful endeavor or an incredibly frustrating one – it all depends on how the project is handled from start to finish. There are several benefits to be had from successfully flipping houses, but some investors may miss out on their ROI because of certain mistakes throughout the process that cost time, money, … Read more

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