Loan Ranger Capital – Borrower Highlight

At Loan Ranger Capital we’re proud of our borrowers! To show that we’d like to take a look at a successful deal from one of our great borrowers. This one is located in South Congress neighborhood of Austin which is a very desirable area. Our borrower here, Dean, was previously a contractor for one of our other great borrowers and saw our inspectors on the job site. After working on a few of our other borrower’s “fix and flip” projects we had financed, Dean reached out for financing on his own project. We of course were happy to work with him because we knew his great quality of work. 

We funded this deal for Dean in mid-December and after spending $50,000 in renovations, he completed the project just two months later. He soon listed it, and accepted a full asking price offer in just five days on market. This sold just last month and will net our borrower a profit of roughly $60,000. A pretty great deal if you ask us! Loan Ranger Capital was happy to finance this project for one of our many great borrowers because we add value beyond the rate!

Like most of our borrowers, Dean is a repeat borrower and plans to use us again on his next project. To date we’ve successfully funded and been paid off on 4 other loans with him.

Feel free to reach out to us to become another Loan Ranger Capital success story! We have a very quick process here and would love to speak with you. We not only offer flexible terms, but can close extremely quickly.

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