Spotting a Liar in Negotiations

We all love a great deal and dealing with honest people, but know this isn’t always the case. You’re searching for a resounding “yes” when negotiating but spotting a liar is key. After all, this can waste a lo of time and money down the road.

Body Language in Negotiation

The Black Swan Group, which was founded by a former CIA negotiator states that its all about body language, delivery and content (in that order). However, One hack can be to observe their partner or counterpart more closely. You’ll notice that since this person isn’t actively speaking they can be a little less guarded in their body language. Even the smallest actions like a grimace, cough or look away can be the key to spotting a liar.

Hesitant Answers

Have you ever asked a question and gotten a half hearted answer? Should you take this at face value or should you dig deeper? One simple way to address this is to “label” the answer. A couple examples are:

“That answer sounded a little hesitant.”

 “It sounds like you may be thinking of something else”

While this can be a great tool, it’s important now to come off as combative. Otherwise you may turn off your opponent and cause them to disengage. To do this make sure to have a softer tone of voice and maintain eye contact if possible.


We all have been burned in negotiations by a liar in the past so it’s key to put yourself in the best possible scenario. Here at Loan Ranger Capital, we’re not only a hard money lender but we’re here to be your partner. In addition, we’re always happy to put a 2nd set of eyes on your deal for you! Reach out to us today for more information on Texas hard money loans!

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