What Licenses Are Required for a Fix and Flip?

Before making an investment on your desired fix and flip property, it’s important to check your state’s license regulations and explore all of the license options available to you, both required and optional. Generally, most license decisions come down to your intentions behind house flipping – hobby or career?

Can I Flip Houses Without a Real Estate License?

Aspiring fix and flippers are not required to have a real estate license to purchase, rehab, and sell houses. As the property investor, you can choose to sell the property independently, hire a real estate agent experienced in home flips, or go through the process of becoming a licensed real estate agent.

If you plan on starting a house flipping business, a real estate license is a useful tool. Obtaining a real estate license involves completing the real estate education courses mandated by the state in which your property is located and maintaining the license each year. This requires out-of-pocket costs in education, background checks, and memberships. Passing the real estate license test provides you with an understanding of property laws, required forms, liability issues, and additional details required to buy and sell a home. However, this knowledge can also be gained by self-education without the cost of pursuing an official license. 

Alternatively, if you plan on flipping houses as a hobby rather than making a career out of real estate, it makes more sense to hire a real estate agent. You’ll have access to the knowledge that comes with a real estate license without having to spend the time and money on obtaining one. If your hobby eventually does turn into a career, you can pursue a real estate license when you’re ready. 

Do I Need a Contractor’s License to Flip Houses?

A contractor’s license is also not necessary to flip houses. Contractors hired to do work on the property are legally required to be licensed, but you – as the property investor/owner – are not required to obtain a contractor’s license. However, if you plan on rehabbing the property yourself, you will have to obtain your own contractor’s license

Similar to a real estate license, the decision ultimately comes down to how often you plan to flip houses and the amount of time and money you plan to invest in each project. Hiring contractors saves time so you can flip more houses, while doing the work yourself saves money but takes extra time.

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