Austin’s Case for the Amazon HQ2

A recent Moody’s article has ranked Austin #1 for the second Amazon headquarters the company announced a few months ago. The article discusses Austin’s well-known hub of tech companies. Companies such as Dell are headquartered here already. Also, other companies such as Samsung, Apple, and IBM have the largest presence of their own companies outside of their headquarters. High numbers of educated workers (43% compared with 30% nationally) are also adding to the lure of our capital city. Combining this with Texas’s friendly business environment and lower cost of living (compared with national levels) is helping catapult Austin to the top of cities in the running.

What this means for Loan Ranger Capital is an increased demand for our services. The rumors are a second headquarters here would bring at least 50k direct jobs created as a result. With this the demand for housing to accommodate these new workers will skyrocket. Already in demand construction will continue to increase Homes that fall into a rehab category will start to appreciate rapidly as well. All this to say, it looks like hard money lending could be in for quite a boost. Especially if Jeff Bezos decides to build his second headquarters here in Austin.

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