Thanksgiving at Loan Ranger Capital

At Loan Ranger Capital we’ve had a successful 2017. While we’ve been very fortunate, we realize that not everyone shares the same circumstances. Two days before Thanksgiving, we decided to hand out premade Thanksgiving dinners to our immediate community using profits from the management company. When all was said and done, our team handed out 50 Thanksgiving dinners. Which conservatively fed more than 200 people. Each box contained a precooked turkey as well as large containers of stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and of course, cranberry sauce. Our team had a great time engaging with the community and hope we were able to make a few families’ Thanksgiving just a little bit happier.

Given the time of year, we thought it would be perfect timing to discuss how LRC works to improve lives in the communities we’re currently invested in.

More Entrepreneurs
First, we provide capital to real estate investors so that they can “fix and flip” properties. On the surface that’s 100% correct. However, when you dive deeper, we’re helping to create a brand-new class of entrepreneurs. All of our borrowers have a great set of skills that would otherwise go unnoticed without the opportunity. Our capital provides them the opportunity to engage in their own projects. It’s most definitely not that they don’t have the credit to get a loan from a bank. It’s that a traditional bank can’t work fast enough for our borrowers’ needs. Frankly the bank isn’t interested in making a six-month loan they can’t turn around and sell to the government. Instead of working for other companies to do similar tasks, our borrowers venture out on their own and create a sustainable career in their own community.

While the opportunities we provide are small part of the local economies, for our borrowers it’s their whole world!

Value in the Community
Second, these new entrepreneurs are creating value for themselves and their community by improving the homes in their neighborhoods. What may have once been a tired, old property, is now a highly desirable home for a new family. As this process is repeated over time, significant value accumulates and is added to the entire neighborhood. More businesses are now attracted to the area, which helps to boost the local economy. With improved home values there is also more money available to improve infrastructure in the immediate area. Things like schools, parks, and road repairs are now improved. Lastly, as these changes and improvements occur, local crime rates tend to decrease as the neighborhood gains a wave of proud new home owners who “own” their communities.

Thank you so much for your support of Loan Ranger Capital and we hope you have a very Happy Holidays! To find out more about our loan programs visit:

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